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To Dream of a Spirit Loved One….

Our Spirit loved ones are always trying to reach out and communicate with us. Dreams are one of the ways they “talk” to us as is with signs in our immediate environment such as feathers, pennies & butterflies to name a few. So take heart, your loved ones are talking. 💜👼🏻💜



 In my career as a medium, there is a common thread that seems to be repeated by spirit and again in my readings is that body dies, but the relationship never dies. Those on spirit side reiterate that again and again to their loved ones. In these sessions, literally, I feel their love channeled through the sessions. Sometimes it is so instense that makes me cry. For us on earth, physical absence creates a void that is difficult to circumvent. How can spiritual love be expressed? We are used to demonstrating our love in physical ways; a kiss, a hug, a loving glance. But love encompasses so much more! It is a deeper connection between souls; a connection that can not be broken. Not even by death. After all, the link between people is often referred to as souls mates and no body mates, right?

I’ve noticed that those talk to their loved ones in the afterlife regularly, are fostering their relationship and basing it on the love that still exists between this world and the next. These clients experience a sense of peace & spiritual connection that comes across in their readings. Proving that in the end, the foundation of all relationships on earth as well as spiritual are based in one word: LOVE ❤️