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Yesterday was my third year participating at The Eastern Star fundraiser and what a memorable afternoon it was! There were approximately 50 people who received messages from the other side. I am still recovering! The afternoon began with me receiving a message from past Mason lodge members thanking present members of the lodge and Eastern Star for their fundraising efforts that help their elderly members pay for their medical expenses. I saw their spirits surrounding the property in the shape of a triangle. Pretty incredible! 

Below is a Facebook comment from Jessica, one of the participants:

“What a amazing experience thanks you Silvia Rossi fir a amazing reading. Thank u daddy and Paul Michael for coming through miss you and love u both very much . It was great hearing from you both I’m glad your watching over us ..”

I want to thank Kathy Flannigan and Patti Rhinesmith for coordinating yesterday’s event and their zucchini bake recipe!