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To Dream of a Spirit Loved One….

Our Spirit loved ones are always trying to reach out and communicate with us. Dreams are one of the ways they “talk” to us as is with signs in our immediate environment such as feathers, pennies & butterflies to name a few. So take heart, your loved ones are talking. 💜👼🏻💜

Spirit mom rides in daughter’s new car 🚗

Yesterday I read for a lovely woman who’s mom had passed on. The mom had mentioned that the daughter had bought a new car and that she wondered if she (her mom) knew this. Well, her mom not only knew it but told me to tell her she was riding with her. Little did I know that this Charger was her mom’s favorite car!!! There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! Props to her mom for bringing through such a powerful message to her daughter! 👊🏼👼🏻