Silvia Rossi the Psychic Medium Known for Divine Intervention Silvia Rossi is a modern-day Psychic-Medium who has experienced communications from the spirit side throughout her life. As a toddler she saw “shadows” in the room and as a young teen she saw “people” at the foot of her bed. Silvia was born with a gift that filled her days with images and information about people she would come into contact with.

Afraid and unsure of what these apparitions of the deceased meant, Silvia tried to ignore and even suppress these experiences. Through her teens and while she attended college and graduate school these spirits became more and more persistent in their behavior and their need to communicate through Silvia. In her mid twenties while attending meditation classes, Silvia met a fellow medium who became her mentor and guide within the spiritual world. It was at this time that Silvia began to understand that all of these experiences she was having were proof that not only did life exist beyond what we call death, but also this life was only one phase in the eternal journey of the soul.

Today Silvia understands that she has been chosen as a conduit between this earthly life and the spiritual world and she feels obligated to use and share her gift to bring comfort, information and closure with the messages she receives from the spiritual world, to those here around her.

In the course of the past 23 years Silvia has hosted her own Radio Show, Make Contact With Silvia Rossi, appeared on the Sally Jessy Rafael Show and has been a guest and co- host on the radio podacast show Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski. Most recently Silvia was featured on Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo for the month of July 2015 and in May of 2016 and was interviewed on Univision’s Cronicas de Sabado for a segment on The New York Zodiac killer Heriberto Seda in July of 2016. Silvia conducts workshops to teach others on  how to understand and better their connection to the spirit world. She has worked with the police, helping them solve cold cases and murder cases. She had the difficult task and honor of working with families and support groups of the victims of September 11th. Over the years Silvia has garnered a loyal following of clients in the US and abroad.

Silvia met John Edward at a workshop he conducted in 2003 and he was thoroughly impressed with her abilities after she relayed a message from the spirit world to an audience member at his event.

She has had the privilege of working with many psychologists in the tri-state area who continue to refer their patients to her when conventional methods have failed. She conducts her practice out of offices in New York City and New Jersey.

Silvia has made it her mission to help individuals and families understand their eternal connection to loved ones that have passed on; bringing relief and comfort to the very many who have been touched by her gift.

Currently, Silvia lives with her family in New Jersey and enjoys lecturing and teaching. On occasion, she enjoys performing at local venues singing with local bands and playing her guitar.





















Silvia Rossi es un psíquica y médium moderna, que ha experimentado comunicaciones con el lado espiritual através de su vida. Cuando pequeña, veía “sombras” in la habitación y en su adolescencia veía “personas” al pie de su cama. Silvia nació con un don que lleno su vida con imágenes e información acerca de personas con las cuales tenia contacto.

Temerosa e insegura sobre que significaban estas apariciones de personas fallecidas. Silvia trato de ignorar y hasta reprimir estas experiencias. Durante su adolescencia y mientras asistía al “college” y a la universidad, estos espíritus eran más y más persistentes en su comportamiento y su necesidad de comunicarse atraves de Silvia. Cuando tenía entre 20 y 25 años, mientras asistía a clases de meditación, Silvia conoció a otro médium, el cual se convirtió en su mentor y guía dentro del mundo espiritual. Fue en esos momentos cuando Silvia comenzó a comprender que todas esas experiencias por las cuales ella estaba pasando, eran prueba de que no solo existe vida más allá de lo que nosotros llamamos la muerte, pero también que esta vida era solo una fase en el camino eterno del alma.

Hoy en día Silvia comprende que ella fue elegida como un conducto entre esta vida mundana, y el mundo espiritual, y se sintió obligada a usar y compartir su “regalo” para llevar confort, información y termino, con los mensajes que ella recibe del mundo espiritual, a aquellos que están en este mundo alrededor de ella.

En el curso de los últimos 23 años, Silvia ha tenido su propio programa de Radio,  Haga Contacto con Silvia Rossi, se presentó en el programa de Televisión “Sally Jessy Rafael” y ha sido invitada y ha compartido en el programa de radio “Creative Mojo” con Mark Lipinski. Telemundo ha colaborado con Silvia donde filmaron varias escenas en los meses de Julio 2015 hasta Mayo del 2016 para el programa Al Rojo Vivo. Mas recientemente  en Julio 2016 Univision  entrevisto a la medium para el programa Cronicas de Sabado cuyo show se trato del asesino de serie Heriberto Seda, El Zociaco de Nueva York.

Silvia conduce (workshops) para ensenar a otros a comprender y mejorar sus conexiones con el mundo espiritual. Ella ha trabajado con la policía, ayudando a resolver casos que por muchos años no habían tenido una resolución y casos de homicidio. Ella tuvo la difícil tarea y a la vez honor de trabajar con familias y grupos de apoyo de víctimas del 11 de Septiembre. Durante todos estos años, Silvia ha adquirido una clientela de seguidores en los EE UU, al igual que en el extranjero.

Silvia conoció a John Edwards en un (workshop) que el condujo en el 2003, y el verdaderamente quedo impresionado con la habilidad de ella, después que ella le comunico a un miembro de la audiencia un mensaje durante dicho evento.

Ella ha tenido el privilegio de trabajar con muchos psicólogos en el are de NY, los cuales continúan refiriéndole sus pacientes, cuando los métodos convencionales han fallado. Ella practica en su oficina en la ciudad de New York, y en New Jersey.

Silvia ha hecho su misión, el ayudar a individuos y familias a comprender sus conexiones eternas con personas queridas que han muerto; trayendo paz y confort a muchos que han sido “tocados” por su don.

Actualmente, Silvia vive con su familia en New Jersey y disfruta el dar clases, y conferencias. En ocasiones, ella le también disfruta el cantar en diferentes lugares con grupos locales y tocando su guitarra.





  1. Thank you for coming through with messages from my loved ones last night. Hearing from my grandmother was so important for me. I’m thrilled and at peace that you were able to channel her. 🙂

  2. How does one know if they have this gift? Must they always visually “see” or can it be based on strong feelings like someone is in the room or other odd occurrences like hearing or smelling things and just “knowing” who it might be as in people from one’s past?

      • After reading more about it, I’m leaning towards being an impaired empath. How can I use this gift to help others?
        Thank you for responding!

    • Ive been thinking about what you said about meditating and a few hours ago the strangest thing happened. I was recording my 3 month old son and I caught an orb of light from my left eyes peripheral vision. I ignored it assuming I imagined it. My husband watched the video to see our son smiling at his toy and (without my telling him) asked how to rewind the video. Apparently, he saw it too but on the actual video. I didn’t even think to look there but when I did, it is as clear as day! It went from the bottom left up at an angle in front of my son! I cried because it freaked me out but then I prayed and realized I didn’t feel it was evil. What are orbs of light? Why do you feel it would be presenting itself to me?? I’m so new to this as you know but I’ve never seen this and can’t begin to imagine why now and am amazed I got it on video. I’m in serious shock but somehow feel peace at the same time.

  3. Yes, it is. I had another strange thing happen. I had an image of my phone flash in my mind on Tuesday morning and it showed my son’s school nurse calling. I thought it was strange as it looked so real, but only for an instant. I forgot about it and later in the afternoon that exact number called! I freaked out then calmed down lol. It wasn’t the nurse after all, so I thought my “vision” was wrong cuz it was his teacher who called me and I realized I had her number saved under the school nurses’ contact info on my phone, so it actually was exactly right. I keep doubting myself, but it seems more is occurring. I am just struggling with making heads or tails of it.

    • Dear Silvia:

      Thank you so much for the February 5th reading. I also received the CD yesterday. It was just an amazing session. It is hard to believe that the Spirit World asks for forgiveness. I am so grateful that you came in contact with my husband who passed on November 8, 2012. In my eyes, there is nothing to forgive regarding my husband. He was so thoughtful, and I know he appreciated everything I did for him, and I did do everything for him. He was very sick toward the end. He thanked me the night before he passed and apologized that I had to go through this again for the 2nd time. He knew it was his time. He was my life. And yes, we did have a very strong bond. We were always there for one another. I had my talk with him, by myself, and told him that I did forgive him and how I knew how much he loved me and appreciated me for everything I did, and that there was nothing to forgive. He was the best husband anyone could have. We were a couple and did everything together.

      Again Sylvia, thank you so much for letting me know what my husband needs. I hope the next time we have the reading that he is more at peace with himself. I just don’t want him to suffer or be unhappy. I truly believe that he will be my side and I want him to be always with me guiding me and giving me strength and just letting me know he is there for me as well as my other relatives who have passed. I miss him so much and will always be in love with him. He needs to move on and be happy on the Other Side.

  4. Sylvia, words can’t express how thankful I am regarding our conversation on Tuesday evening. You have not only brought me a sense of Peace, but most of all “hope”. It was life changing to connect with my loved ones and know that my mother is with me at all times. You validated what I have been feeling for so many years. In addition, I felt as if I made an immediate friend in you. You are very easy to talk to and gave me a sense of ease during our converstation. I look forward to our session and can’t thank you enough.

  5. I need help all of a
    Sudden I seem to get higher anxiety and when I’m alone I feel a strong energy or force it’s not bad but it scares me to feel the energy what is going on

  6. I have been visiting Silvia once a year since 2007. During my first visit with Rossi, I made a point of asking her how each visitor died. In every case she provided details about the death of a loved one, she could have never possibly known. After my first visit I felt more than comforted. I felt convinced. Our non-physical loved ones are always with us and often closer than we realize. It has almost been a decade of visits and I have never once felt pressured to book an appointment or to increase the frequency of my visits. She has always been professional and kind.

  7. Hola ,mi nombre es Sandra Barbosa y mi esposo James A Ospina,que falleció hace dos meses,me hace mucha falta quiero saber si esta bien,si no esta enojado conmigo por la decisión que tomé….
    Gracias dé antemano,

    • Hola Sandra,

      En mis anos como medium, los espiritos no se enojan con sus parientes vivientes porque ven nuestra vida terreste muy diferentemente cuando llegan al mundo celestial. Asi que pienso q tu esposo no esta enojado con usted y tel vez vigilando y cuidandola.

  8. Hello miss silvia, my name is Margarita Aguilar, my father and I recently saw you perform on the tv show Al Rojo Vivo con Maria Celeste and my dad was wondering if there could be any way you could do a private session over the phone with you. I have tried calling the number posted on another site but i dont get an answer. If we can please schedule an appointment to speak with you my father would greatly appreciate it. 361-703-8632 or at 361-578-9512. My father and I both speak spanish and we would really like to hear back from you as soon as possible.
    Thank you so much.

  9. Hey Silvia

    Couple of questions I’m unsure if this is the right place. In the last few months I’ve lost my sister to an overdose and the love of my life left me suddenly. I am now in total despair with my grief I need answers if he will come back and if my sister could shed some light on this.

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