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A Daughter Reaches Out to Family from The Other Side…Love is capable of manifesting miracles


By accounts from those who knew her, Ally was a special person. Kind, giving, and dedicated. Her mother Margaret referred to her as her best friend and Ally felt the same about her mom. When Ally passed away from complications from a brain tumor on Christmas of 2011 her mother believed that her daughter never left her side. After all they were the best of friends. She spoke to her constantly and felt her presence with her throughout the day and still does. She decided to take pictures at moments when she felt close by. The pictures below were taken at such times. I do not need to be convinced of Ally’s presence in Margaret’s life. But having these pictures as proof is compelling. Judge for yourself…

I wish to thank Margaret for sharing her experience and pictures with me. I think it will help others who have lost a loved one to understand those who have passed are always connected to us.

             ” I feel Ally has given me this gift of love to go forward in my life.. Love is capable of miracles” ..  Margaret Petrozzo


 “This pic was taken in the late spring a couple if months after Ally passed . I had been praying & meditating also singing to her, in the yard.. This was the day she heard me “..Margaret Petrozzo


“I know how much Ally loved all of us.. I miss her more than I can say.. My life has changed so much without her the physical realm .. . but I keep trying to see & live in the Light..the photos have given me some comfort, knowing she exists in a higher state of consciousness in the golden love of our the heavenly realms”.. Margaret Petrozzo