Spirit Caught on Video!

Once in a while I will come across something interesting on the internet about the afterlife and the video found in the link below is no exception. It shows the lifeless body of an accident victim, a woman from Thailand. As the video continues to play one sees there’s a human form that lifts up from the body and stands next to it for a few seconds then fades away. I’ve watched it several times and it’s pretty mind- boggling! See it for yourself!

Click the link below:

Chilling Footage Appears To Show Woman’s Soul Leaving Body

To Dream of a Spirit Loved One….

Our Spirit loved ones are always trying to reach out and communicate with us. Dreams are one of the ways they “talk” to us as is with signs in our immediate environment such as feathers, pennies & butterflies to name a few. So take heart, your loved ones are talking. 💜👼🏻💜

Spirit mom rides in daughter’s new car 🚗

Yesterday I read for a lovely woman who’s mom had passed on. The mom had mentioned that the daughter had bought a new car and that she wondered if she (her mom) knew this. Well, her mom not only knew it but told me to tell her she was riding with her. Little did I know that this Charger was her mom’s favorite car!!! There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! Props to her mom for bringing through such a powerful message to her daughter! 👊🏼👼🏻

Last night I did a reading for a woman who is Indian. Her mother who I saw in spirit loved embroidering and sewing came through doing just that, Then her mom showed me the image of a Lion and said that someone in her family was “nicknamed” the Indian word for Lion. Unbeknownst to me, the sikh word for LION is SINGH and ALL the men in the sikh religion have this middle name. Hence, all the men in my clients family carry the middle name SINGH! Sometimes I freak myself out. It goes to show how incredible and specific spirit communication is!

What 5 Planets in Retrograde will do to you!

Been feeling out of sorts, challenged by people or situations & crazed lately? No, you’re not going losing your mind! 5 retrograde planets are the culprits and this really amazing article explains it all.Click on the link: 


Yesterday I met with a young lady who has been a client of mine for several years. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few years ago and since then has made a recovery that is not short of miraculous. I saw this giant angel and her mother with her that has helped her in her recovery process. Although I believe that all of us have an angelic connection I do not see angels with all my clients. So when I do, it is a very special thing. This extraordinary angel had his right arm extended up where I could see he was receiving Divine healing energy from God and his left arm extended towards my client where the energy was being sent. I felt this was the reason her doctors said her recovery was a miracle.  May God, her mother and her special angel continue to send her healing energy!! 👼🏻❤️👼🏻❤️👼🏻❤️



Yesterday was my third year participating at The Eastern Star fundraiser and what a memorable afternoon it was! There were approximately 50 people who received messages from the other side. I am still recovering! The afternoon began with me receiving a message from past Mason lodge members thanking present members of the lodge and Eastern Star for their fundraising efforts that help their elderly members pay for their medical expenses. I saw their spirits surrounding the property in the shape of a triangle. Pretty incredible! 

Below is a Facebook comment from Jessica, one of the participants:

“What a amazing experience thanks you Silvia Rossi fir a amazing reading. Thank u daddy and Paul Michael for coming through miss you and love u both very much . It was great hearing from you both I’m glad your watching over us ..”

I want to thank Kathy Flannigan and Patti Rhinesmith for coordinating yesterday’s event and their zucchini bake recipe!