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Recently, I read for a client who asked who had murdered a friend of his. George Daher had been friends with Leah Yoresh for some years and had learned that she had been murdered in Melbourne Fla, where she had moved some years earlier. George had kept in touch with Leah through Facebook and it was through the same that he learned that she was found murdered on Jan 11th 2013. At the time of his reading, I had no prior knowledge of the crime. I “tuned in” to Leah’s spirit and heard to look on her FB page. As it turns out, her friends and family had kept her page open and had posted recent articles on the case. I immediately singled out the man who would later be charged with her murder, Mathew James Sharp. Leah added that there would be forensic evidence that would come to light linking him to the crime…..and so it was.

I am always amazed at how spirit is able to give me such accurate information and this reading was a clear example of it. I have aided the police in the past in active and cold cases. The process is always difficult and stressful one for me, but I try to set my personal feelings aside in order to utilize my gift for this greater purpose. I am grateful that in this case, the information I received from Leah helped her and her friend George to have some measure of closure.