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I Still Miss You! Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One


“I still miss him!” Those words have been said so many times by clients who have lost someone dear. It doesn’t matter to them how much time has passed, the human heart has a difficult time letting go of those we love. Many times those same individuals bemoan that they are unable to hear, see, or dream of their loved one. When a person grieves, the mind is unable to relax enough to perceive signs or receive dreams. Often this may be compounded by medications to alleviate insomnia. In cases such as these, I always see spirit attempting to comfort, calm and reassure the living. They may send you healing thoughts and energy. They often enlist the help of someone close to you who comes to your aid with timely words of comfort. So don’t despair, even if you don’t think your relative in spirit is with you, most likely he or she is. Give yourself time to grieve, and have faith that your connection to them is not only in the past but it is one that lasts forever.



My work as a psychic medium has exposed me to a spirit world that communicates through a series of different cues than we use here on the earth plane. Signs that the living relatives of those who have passed have specifically asked for or that we identify as unique to them when they were here with us. Birds, rainbows, a song on the radio, etc are but few of these examples. They will use your environment and your awareness to create this. Timing IS everything in spirit communication. Dreams are also a common way for spirit to make their “appearance” and actually “talk” to us. Spirits no longer have a body with vocal cords, so often times they resort to very ingenious ways on how they “talk” to us. I remember there once was a client who had been talking to her deceased dad and at that very moment her TV turned on by itself…no coincidence! If you are looking to make contact with someone who has crossed over, be open to the many ways that spirit can come through. Don’t limit yourself or spirit. Be aware of your immediate environment to the subtle ways that these signs can come through. Lastly, try to get a good night’s rest on regular basis. It will help you to strengthen your awareness and connection to the Spirit World.

We Are Never Truly Alone


It is my core belief that none of us are truly ever alone. My work as a Medium has always shown me that we are always in the company of spirit. Whether it is a family member, spirit guide or angelic presence that accompanies us, we are always sharing are lives with Spirit. This is true especially in times of great stress, loss and grief. So the next time you think you are going “through it alone”…..think again!

Believe in your Potential to Succeed


Often times we let outside circumstances & those around us define who we are and are in the process of becoming. Remember that the human mind & spirit are much more powerful than anything from outside yourself. You have the ability within to change and achieve your dreams and goals.