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THE EGG ~ Beautiful video of the afterlife! 💖

I watched this video and was fascinated by it’s depiction of what the afterlife may possibly hold for each and every one of us. Oftentimes we think that we are separate from one another, but the reality is that WE ARE NOT!  We are all connected. In fact, we are all ONE. So next time you hurl an insult at someone, think, who is it that your hurting? Please watch and ENJOY this singularly beautiful  and thought provoking video!


Amazing Day at The Eastern Star Fundraiser!

Masonic Temple

This past Saturday I had the privilege of reading for a group of men and women at the Eastern Star Fundraiser in Little Falls NJ. The afternoon started out with quite a bang when I addressed a woman in the audience who had lost her husband. He came through with his name, Steve, then all of a sudden I saw him watching her at a clothing store buying underwear…yes UNDERWEAR! Well, I asked her if she had done this in the past week and she said yes. She was quite taken aback and embarrassed by it all! Crazy stuff! But I’m sure she was comforted to know that her husband was with her and approved of her purchase! There was another instance where I clearly had heard the name Big John and had written it down on the notepad I use. I asked the audience and I heard a woman gasp to my left who said it was her husband who had passed. It was the nickname he went by. I went on to describe the nature of their relationship; how much he had loved her and that they had had a very loving and close relationship. He described a pendant that she had made from his wedding band and she confirmed that 100%! I mentioned that he knew they had been and still were soul-mates. Her whole face lit up when I said that. She knew EXACTLY what I (and Big John) were talking about! Her husband in spirit was truly still so very much in love with her! (We should all be so lucky!) Towards the end of the event, I mentioned the name Richard and a group of ladies to my right said it was their dad. Their mom was with them as well. He came through for them with flying colors, mentioning other relatives in spirit that were with him and some that he was looking after here on earth.

All in all, I read for 41 PEOPLE…HOLY CRAP! It was a wonderful day! I was pumped from all the amazing Spirit energy that was in the room! Thank you, Kathy Flannagan, for organizing the event AND cooking your incredibly delicious zucchini bake and french toast! My diet took a serious hit that day!