Emergency Session / Session de Emergencia



Silvia is booked in advance for several months however, she will always make time those clients who require an Emergency Session. The cost of an Emergency Session is $260.00/hr. A $50 deposit is required at the time of scheduling.

🔴Deposit is non-refundable if client cancels appointment and does not notify the office within 48 hours of their session.

For your convenience, Cash, Money Orders, Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal are accepted.

To schedule your Emergency Session please fill out the form below or call:


      **** 🚨 **** 🚨 **** 🚨 **** 🚨 ****

La espera por una cita usualmente son varios meses. Para atenderse mas rapidamente, Silvia ofrece citas de Emergencia. El costo de la Cita de Emergencia es $260/hora. Se requiere un deposito de $50 para concretar la Session de Emergencia.

🔴El deposito no es reembolsable si el cliente cansela sin avisar la oficina dentro de 48 horas de su cita.

Para su comodidad, se acepta Dinero en Efectivo, Money Order, Tarjetas de Credito/Debito y PayPal.

Para solicitar su cita de Emergencia, por favor llene el formulario abajo or llame al


An audio CD is available of each session, please be sure to ask for this in advance. The cost of the audio CD is $5.

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