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Change. People generally don’t like even the thought of it. But it is a necessary function of our own evolution in life. Sometimes change is thrust upon us, like a  job layoff, hitting one like a ton of bricks or it’s a decision that we ultimately must make that will change the landscape of our life, usually for the better. Either of these scenarios has the potential to bring out an individual’s best qualities that only would surface through facing and navigating through situations that would only be possible through this unique situation. You don’t know what you’re capable of achieving until you are faced with a challenging life circumstances. I have found that life is an adventure that can test one’s mettle and how we choose to face and deal with it will dictate the end result. Sometimes the same situation appears again and again in our life, such as a terrible boss (no matter how many jobs you’ve had) This particular circumstance may require you to look deep within to find out what can you change about yourself to end that trend. Consciously taking up the cause of your evolution, without fear and in the spirit of understanding, has the potential of bringing about the most positive of results. So the next time you are faced with change, don’t run away from it. Face it with full understanding and courage, so that you can ensure the best possible outcome.

Today’s Message from Archangel Raphael



Oftentimes we find ourselves in difficult situations in which we feel assailed and overwhelmed by life. The Angels are around us helping us to cope with all types of situations in life that conspire to bring us down. We are always bracketed by Light Beings who give us strength, hope and even manifest miracles in our lives to show us how they care and intervene on our behalf. NEVER think that you are alone!