A Prayer For Healing & Hope🙏🏼

Yesterday was unexpectedly an emotional day for me. As a psychic medium, I get a glimpse of people’s lives and sometimes this proves to be disturbing. A new client had a reading and in session, I saw that she had lost a pregnancy (a daughter) at the hands of an abusive ex-husband. It was all I could do to contain myself. I broke down crying, then my heart filled with anger. Then I saw the daughter in spirit, beautiful and resplendent feeling not a shred of anger towards her father. My heart still ached for her mother who sat in front of me sobbing. I had to find her a prayer to recite so she could start to heal from this horrible abuse and loss. I found the prayer above and gave a copy of it to her. I sincerely hope that it brings some comfort to her.

Prayer For A Visit 🌹

I recently had a client who was sad because she had never dreamed of her mother. She had said  that her brother always dreams of her and she is left wondering why. Sometimes this is the case because some of people are more psychically open end it is easier for spirit to communicate. But I know if you make it a habit of remembering your dreams as well as asking spirit to visit through prayer and meditation it is possible. That is why I came up with this prayer. I hope it works for you.


Lately I’ve had many readings where clients have been very broken-hearted over the loss of a loved one or a broken relationship. I came across this prayer that really nailed it. I hope that it helps help those of you who are going to a very difficult time.

Prayer to Forgive Someone Who Has Passed 🙏🏼

For the past several months I have come across many clients who have unresolved painful issues with spirit loved ones. These issues have caused a negative ripple effect in their lives. Forgiveness is the only solution in such situations because it is not for the person who has hurt you, rather yourself. So here I share one of the most powerful prayers that I have come across.