Ina Offret Submitted 9/6/2016

I saw Silvia with my mother and sister in April. She told us details that no one would ever know. Our family who came through are still with us- they know what’s going on currently. Very interesting and healing. Even a beloved family dog swiped at my leg during the session, something she always did in life. 馃挅馃専

Maria Gomez Submitted 9/6/2016

I went through a powerful experience with Silvia. I didn’t go expecting anything but what was told to me no one would know but my father who passed away years ago. Silvia is special, her abilities are real.

Elaine Daher Submitted 9/6/2016

Well I have been having you read me and several friends and family members for the past 10 years. You have never been wrong about the future and have allowed me to connect with those loved ones who passed on. You have given me heightened spirituality and have guided me in the right direction. I won’t go to anyone else. Now I tell everyone, when you die please come and talk to me through Silvia. Love you!

Alice Quimby Submitted 9/6/2016

I would like to add to these testimonials! I have been to you twice, both times amazed & left feeling happy! My last visit my late husband came through! 18 years later, because of this reading, I was able to finally forgive him! Took my neighbor, whose son passed away! She walked out with Happy tears馃槆. Thank you! Once my house sells I will call you!

Kate Klingmann Submitted 9/1/2016

Still in awe of my reading last night from my dear friend Silvia Rossi. I have never done a reading however do believe in spirit. Wow. Mind blown. My grandfathers from my mom and dads side came through. My cat Peaches! And my much loved friend from middle school and high school, John.

I encourage anybody who wants to connect with the spiritual world to please contact Silvia. This experience was humbling, healing and motivating.


D. Battaglia Submitted 8/30/16

A few days ago I went to visit my friend, Silvia Rossi. She always knows just what to say to get me thinking. She helps me to reduce my fears and encourages my faith. Not only faith in God but also faith within myself. She reminds me of where I’ve been and where I am going. Sometimes my path leads to a fork in the road and she knows just how to keep me motivated. I am forever thankful she is in my life.

Karen Klein Submitted 12/1/2015

We ended my session in hearing from a dear friend who had passed and had not wanted to die yet. After our session, I went home and went with my family to our local diner. Standing out front was my dear friend’s husband! I gave him your message that although she had not wanted to go, she was fine now. I could see the husband’s face cloud over and then he breathed a sigh of relief that she is okay. You helped MANY yesterday!

N.S. de California Sometido 10/8/2015

SILVIA ROSSI es una medium muy PROFECIONAL mi esperiencia con ella en mi consulta que hice via telefonica me dijo muchas cosas verdaderas que yo queria saber acerca de mi familia que han fallecido y en especial de mi esposo que todavia me duele mi corazon su perdida y ella me dijo muchas cosas verdaderas de como era mi esposo y me he quedado impactada de lo cierto de muchas cosas de mi esposo y me he quedado satisfecha por la paciencia y amabilidad de como ella me explico todo me menciono a mis familiares que murieron hace mucho tiempo y me dijo la verdad acerca de ellos he quedado muy satisfecha y se la recomiendo a quien quiere consulta la vale la pena yo cuando pueda la volvere a consultar!

Muchas Gracias SILVIA ROSSI!

Andrea Agudelo de NJ Sometido 10/8/2015

Querida Silvia, no tengo palabras para agradecerte por la sesi贸n que tuvimos el d铆a Jueves 1 de Octubre. Saber que mi abuelito esta tranquilo ha sido un gran alivio para mi. La enfermedad de el fue muy dif铆cil para todos en la familia y aunque hicimos todo lo que estuviera a nuestro alcance para evitarle un dolor mas fuerte, siempre quedo en mi coraz贸n y mente la idea de que no fue suficiente. Desde el d铆a que 茅l muri贸, en mi coraz贸n tuve la sensaci贸n de que el se fue de este mundo desilusionado de sus seres queridos, pero gracias a tu ayuda ahora se que no. Gracias por recordarme una vez m谩s el ser maravilloso que fue mi abuelito, por ser el canal para ver una vez mas la luz que el siempre tuvo, pero sobretodo por dejarme saber que el esta en un lugar feliz y cuidando de nosotros como siempre!!! Silvia mil gracias por ayudarme a encontrar esa tranquilidad tan buscada.

Andrea Verdugo

Virginia Arduini Submitted 9/8/2016

Hi Silvia, Hope all is well. I came to see you this past July 8th with my daughter Amie. I wanted to tell you about something that happened recently that during our session I couldn’t make sense of. Before the reading began my Aunt Carol came through because of her strong personality and probably also July 9, the next day, would have been her 2 yr anniversary of her death. Well, later on in the reading you asked me if she had a clock or something in the shape of a cat. You could see the tail swinging back and forth. I didn’t have an answer to that, but knowing my aunt, I wouldn’t be surprised. I asked my cousins about it and they said no. So I didn’t think anything of it. So, here is what gave me goose bumps: On Monday, August 17th, my cousin found a black kitten at a camp ground in Oak Ridge. Now, this campground is where my aunt and her family would go to before they moved to Vernon. My cousin drove through the place that day for old time sake and found the kitten. She wasn’t able to keep the kitten and posted it on Facebook. I saw the picture and something told me to take her. We picked her up the next day. Tiny little thing,…all black with greenish yellow eyes. We named her Luna. I took her to the vet and they verified that she was a girl and that she was only 6 weeks old. Well, they figured out that her birthday would be July 9th. I came home, called my cousin to let her know that Luna was fine. As soon as I told her that Luna’s birth date was July 9th, it hit us like a ton a bricks! We then realized that what you said to me in the reading made sense. So, in a nut shell…Luna’s birthday is July 9th, the anniversary of my Aunts death. She was found, in my aunts old campground. She’s all black with greenish, yellow eyes. And, my cousin said that my aunts favorite cat has always been black with green eyes. I literally had tears in my eyes when we discovered all of this. So I now know, that she sent Luna to me. I apologize for this being so long. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you again for the reading you did for me that day. It really has helped me to have some closure especially with my Mom and sisters.

Take care, Virginia Arduini


Terri Kelly Submitted 2/4/2015

We were fortunate to have a group reading with Silvia this past Fall. She read for 15 of my closest family and friends. Everyone there was amazed at the gift Silvia shared with us. She gave us messages from our loved ones that passed, making us cry tears of joy as well as making us laugh.
My husband and I were married last summer. His mother ( whom I聽 never met) came through sharing that she was with us that day. She blew me a kiss and said I reminded her of herself, which my husband tells me that all the time! We have always felt we were brought together by a more powerful force. Silvia confirmed this by telling us that we were put together by divine intervention. We were in awe!
My mother also had a beautiful experience, connecting with her parents, aunt and her very own grandmother. She used to chew her Nanny’s gum to make it soft for her because she had no teeth. Through Silvia my Nanny shared that story, thanking my mother for chewing the gum –only my mom and her grandmother would have known that!
To know that there is most definitely life after this is comforting. To hear from your loved ones is so wonderful & heart warming. I as well as all in the group came away knowing that their love goes on & on. It brings you peace. We all look forward to meeting with her again.

Stephen Stetler Submitted 1/19/2015

My wife is an extremely loyal person, a quality that I naturally appreciate. Losing her grandparents, who also appreciated that quality in her, was very heart breaking for her, so I knew I had to find a way to help console and heal that wound. When an acquaintance recommended me to Silvia, she gushed about how good Silvia was but I had my doubts. It just seemed to good to be true, but I really wanted to help my wife so I made an appointment. About a year later, my wife and I finally got our chance to have a family reading with Silvia. As we walked into her home, we immediately felt at ease. Silvia is an extremely warm and welcoming person, and we felt immediate comfort. Before the session started, she even noted the absence of my mother in my life, which eliminated any doubts in my mind about her authenticity. During the session, we not only felt the presence of family and loved ones, we were given crucial information guiding us for things we currently know and also things we were concerned about for the future. Even though our session was an hour, Silvia did not rush things and continued to answer our questions and concerns. For the price, I would say it was an absolute bargain. We left with a recording of the session, which was a nice perk. When we got home and listened, this naturally lead us to more questions, not to mention the fact that we noticed things that we missed! Silvia was so in touch with our loved ones, the information came out faster then we could process, ha! An added bonus was playing the recording for our family members who were immediately touched by the message their departed family members had for them. Literally everyone in my family wants to have a session with Silvia now, and there is no doubt – she’s the real deal!

Gina Marie Tremper Submitted 11/18/2014

Most people already know this about me, but I am a “Medium Junkie” and I am extremely interested in the afterlife since the passing of my husband. I have read numerous books and articles and I attend a Spiritualist Church in Pompton Plains. Last week I went to see a new medium, Silvia Rossi. Silvia was very different than other Mediums I have seen. She made me feel so connected to Mark, I actually felt him. She also got emotional and felt his emotions, his love towards me. She told me things that nobody would have known. She said that we were SOULMATES (which I was told before by every other Medium I saw). People use that word when they are in LOVE, but in fact it is not true to everyone in life. We can love many people but its a rare thing to find your soul mate. Soul-mates are not always a perfect match and offend “butt heads”, but there is a “Soul” connection that will always keep them together no matter what happens. The souls always find their way back. She told me it was a blessing and I should not be sad, but be appreciative of the time we had together. Well that is hard to swallow, but I have to try and find some peace and be happy for my son and for Mark. After my time with Silvia, she hugged me and said that Mark told her to give me something. She looked at her desk and picked up an Angel made of seashells. I started to cry…I love ANGELS and I will be moving to the shore in about a year so it was so fitting. It was definitely a message from my beloved husband. I cherish the gift from Silvia and the messages I received as well as the love from my Mark! I love you Mark C. Tremper…Always have…always will! xoxo


Brenda Weir Submitted on 9/16/2014

I want to thank Silvia Rossi for an amazing reading yesterday! I am so grateful for your words of comfort from my mother and family on the other side. You touched on so many things that ONLY I would know. I feel blessed to know mom is always with me and hears me when I talk to her..I know now she will always be by my side. You have an amazing gift and I will definitely book and look forward to future appointment!

Beth Dotro Submitted on 9/15/2014

I can’t begin to thank you for the peace you given to my son over the loss of his friends. Your words provided comfort and confirmed he was not alone. After listening to his session, I was able to fill in the blanks and let him know his great grandmother and great uncle had come through in his session to comfort him as well. Your reading changed him and provided him with the ability to smile again…Thank you!

Faithann Brown Submitted on 9/13/2014

I have been visiting Silvia once a year since 2007. During my first visit with Ms Rossi, I made it a point of asking her how each visitor/spirit had died. In every case she provided details about the death of a loved one she could have never possibly known. After my first visit I felt more than comforted. I felt convinced. Our non-physical loved ones are always with us and often closer than we realize. It has almost been a decade of visits and I have never once felt pressured to book an appointment or to increase the frequency of my visits. She has always been professional and kind.

Spirit loved ones find very creative ways to reach out to us here on earth鈥t least that is what I鈥檝e learned as a practicing medium for over 23 years. I have had clients corroborate instances in which their loved ones have revealed to me in session that they sent them a butterfly or a bird; or made a daughter notice a beautiful rainbow. All were instances that clients believed they were sent a sign from their deceased relative. Below is an email I received from a young man I read for, who鈥檚 mother had passed. Soon after she did, he asked for a sign as he was driving home one night. Immediately, he witnessed a shooting star streak across the sky. He was left speechless. As I watched him recount the story, I could see him getting choked up. Below is an email I received from him last night, which even to me, his account is pretty incredible!

ShootingStarGive My Love to a Shooting Star………

A Son Receives A Sign From His Mother

Jack T Submitted 8/9/2014

鈥淗ey Silvia I hope you remember me you did a reading for me at my girlfriend鈥檚 mother鈥檚 house about 6 months ago. I just wanted to reach out again to thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me. The weirdest thing just happened as I sat outside listening to our reading. It鈥檚 almost 1 am and right when it got to the part where you asked me if I have ever seen my mother reveal herself in a flash of light鈥 then showed you my tattoo and told you about the shooting stars I saw that I believe are signs from my mom. Just then as I played the CD at that part of our reading, a shooting star arched across the sky. How crazy is that?!! Just figured I鈥檇 share that with you. I hope you think that that was as amazing and beautiful as I did. Thank you again hope all is well鈥︹︹︹︹..Jack T鈥

M.A. Submitted on 8/12/2014

Silvia, I just need to THANK YOU today with all my heart. I had a reading with you in May with my sister. We’ve been coming once a year for the last 3 years to see you. EVERYTHING that you told me is coming to pass, and your words then really helped me hold my faith and trust that everything would be working out soon. Yesterday I listened to the recording of our session (from May) because I had to hear it again, I could not believe the accuracy! You are truly, truly gifted and I feel SO GRATEFUL and blessed for your words of comfort from my family on the other side. I feel their presence and sense them SO much and you just validate over and over again that it’s true. I’m so blessed to know of this as it’s brought me a tremendous amount of comfort during the tough times. I just had to tell you!

Hionny Almonte Submitted on 8/12/2014

I want to thank you for a wonderful session. I at first didn’t think I would have made it. Words cannot express how happy I am to know that my dad really is in a better place and that I am spiritually and emotionally in a better state after meeting you. May God bless you forever because what you do is very special. Xoxox

Danielle Crowe Submitted on 7/22/2014

Silvia, I wanted to thank you again for a brilliant reading yesterday. My husband listened to the CD and could not believe how accurate you were in describing his job situation. He was floored! You helped answer many questions I had, and also helped me connect with my father and mother in law and other family members I have lost. I left feeling so happy and overwhelmed with love. Can’t wait until I book again!

Susan M Submitted on 7/22/2014

Hello Silvia,

I wanted to compliment you on the reading that you did for my husband and me last week. Your reading was extremely insightful and “on the money” and all your comments were very helpful. You are an exceptionally good communicator and especially good at relating the information you receive to the real world, something that not everyone can do. You are very gifted and it was a pleasure to work with you.

Thanks again,


Nicole Rallo Submitted on 7/16/2014

I have been read by Silvia Rossi on two occasions .The first time was in reference to spiritual guidance in terms of some very serious issues in my personal life. Ms. Rossi was able to give me detail about specific situations in my marriage without any specific information provided by myself. Silvia was able to tell me that the root of my personal issues revolved around communication and that if it was not actively being worked on, my marriage might end. Now in saying that, I truly believe that Silvia told me that information because she knew I was strong enough to handle it and make an effort to repair my broken marriage. I am very thankful for her honesty and confidence that I would listen to her guidance and direction.

The second time I contacted Silvia, I looking for advice on an upcoming move across country due to military orders. I took her advice from the first reading and wanted direction on if this move was right for my son and I, despite some lingering marital issues (Again, I did not provide Silvia with any personal details) I let her read me and she was able to tell me when and where I was moving and that this move was, in fact, right for my family. The location and date of the move she saw,聽 which matched my husband鈥檚 military orders. She had seen a positive change in our relationship from the first reading to this one, which was more than a relief. I also asked her if there was any chance that my husband would come home from his deployment early. She told me she felt that he would be coming home about three weeks earlier than his scheduled date. My husband was due to come home July 14th, and came home on June 11th, four weeks and three days early!

In addition to the reading, Silvia was able to connect with my step-grandmother, GG, who had suddenly passed on this most recent Mother鈥檚 Day. After finding out about her passing, I rushed to my dad and step-mothers house. I had a conversation with my little brother and our GG watching over my husband. No one else knew about this specific conversation. Through Silvia鈥檚 connection with GG 7 without me prompting her, she told me that GG would be watching my husband. It brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes to know in fact GG heard me. The details, Ms. Rossi was providing me about my step-grandmother would have made anyone think that Silvia had truly known her as a friend. It was amazing.

Silvia you are simply amazing. Saying 鈥渢hank you鈥 just doesn鈥檛 seem to be enough to show my appreciation and gratitude for what you gave me through those readings.

Nicole Rallo


Bryan Doiny Submitted on 5/1/14

Silvia, words can鈥檛 express how thankful I am regarding our conversation on Tuesday evening. You have not only brought me a sense of Peace, but most of all 鈥渉ope鈥. It was life changing to connect with my loved ones and know that my mother is with me at all times. You validated what I have been feeling for so many years. In addition, I felt as if I made an immediate friend in you. You are very easy to talk to and gave me a sense of ease during our conversation. I look forward to our session and can鈥檛 thank you enough.

Fran Siriani Submitted on 4/3/2014

I had the honor to speak with Silvia today. I have used mediums in the past and thought I was impressed. I was dead (no pun intended) wrong! You have not experienced any such thing till you have spoken to this woman!
Silvia opened doors that were closed to me for over 50 years. I found myself with my loved ones with pertinent information and insight that I found unimaginable.
I’m still sitting in the afterglow of my family’s words and love and I will be for some time.
I’ve already made my next appointment.
Don’t hesitate for one second… You deserve this Peace and Silvia can lead you to it.
God bless you Silvia for all you did for me and will do for anyone else for the asking.
If you’re out there, and not sure ask Silvia to send you to me. I was touched and I want you to be too.


Jeanne Conroy Submitted 3/31/14

Silvia. I wanted to thank for the best hour I have had in a long time. So many of my family members came to talk and express their feelings. It was wonderful and I felt so happy afterwards knowing they are all together and happy. Even my childhood dog is there with them. The butterfly that flew by my window at the precise second we started talking was unbelievable considering the cold weather we had that day. I wish I had been able to grab my camera to capture it because it was even hard for me to believe. After we spoke I went out looking to see if it would just happen to fly by again but it did not. I thank you for your amazing gift and blessings and for sharing it with me on Friday! I cant wait for theCD just to hear it all again. I also can’t wait for my next reading next year!

Michael & MaryAnn聽 Submitted 3/5/14

Dear Silvia,

This morning鈥檚 reading helped me so very much. The past two years since my son passed have become harder for me to deal with and to understand. I felt like I was losing a connection with him. The pain was crushing me both mentally and spiritually. The day before yesterday I broke down and wept with an extreme feeling of hopelessness.Tonight I am elevated to such a wonderful feeling of hope and love after hearing from my son through you. I am a realist and mostly a skeptic regarding supernatural things, but my entire body, mind, and soul knows from the things you said that your amazing God-given gift is real and truly a blessing for all who come to you.My wife and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have met you and thank you so much for the peace you have given us. My wife feels so great tonight with the fact that she knows for sure her parents are together again and watch over her in all things she does.

Our sincere gratitude for all you have done for us and all you do to help others gain peace.


Michael & MaryAnn Ruggiano


Carolyn Baird Trasente~Submitted on 2/21/14

Thank you again for yesterday, I actually slept better last night than I have in 2+ years…you are amazing!!

Melanie Bannat~Submitted on January 2, 2014

A few months ago I went to see a Psychic Medium, Silvia Rossi, and without a doubt this was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. For those who doubt this type of thing, trust me, it is real. The first time I went so many people who have passed away came in to talk to me and yes I did connect with Larry. It was so amazing that I had to go back again, except the second time I had goal. I had questions I needed answers to. One person was able to come through before Larry, then it was like he closed the door to the spirit world and him and I had approximately a 45 minute conversation. He told me of his favorite times spent with me, some of those times went back 30 years. He answered all my questions, and I had a list. Truly this experience has given me peace and strength to move forward. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to connect with their deceased loved ones.

Mary Ann Gasiewski Martin Submitted on 12/14/13

Dear Silvia, Thank you so much for our talk with my parents on Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2013. I knew you were the “real deal” when I first made the appointment with you back in the spring of 2013. WHY ? Because you offered me January 16th. That is my parent’s wedding anniversary!聽 You had no idea that was a special day. Then very early Tuesday morning, Dec. 12th, I looked up to heaven and spoke to my parents to help me with my personal struggle. I was off on Tuesday for a snow day since I am a teacher. I asked my parents for a sign. Then you called and offered to chat with me that day since you had a cancellation. They had heard my prayers & answered it! What you said about my dad and mom was totally true. Of course, my husband and son can be skeptical because they said you Google the info. LOL!! There is no way you could have Googled certain info about my house, my dad’s recliner, the lamp, my mother’s favorite bird. That’s ok, that is their belief. All I know is you made me feel the best that I have felt in a long time. Thank you so much. You are not a fake. I will continue to try and be patient and be accepting of things in my personal life. I still hope that my parents will help me and my loved ones with their struggle. You gave me faith, you made me believe. Wishing you the very best this holiday season. I will spread the word about you. I am at Peace. That’s what I wrote in my journal on Tuesday morning before you called.
Forever grateful, Mary Ann Gasiewski Martin

Leslie Larsen~Submitted on 10/30/13

Thank you Silvia Rossi from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me more than words can express. You have given me a gift that I can never repay and I will be forever thankful to you. xoxo

Alice Harvey ~ Submitted on 9/6/13

Hi Silvia Thank you for a wonderful reading yesterday.聽 Jim & I will listen to the CD this evening when I get home from work.聽 I need to hear some of the names again 鈥 I know you said names with L 鈥 my daughter is Lynnette.聽 Anyway, I called Jim when I got home & told him what you said about his ear 鈥 you point to your right ear (& he did ask which ear)聽 he then proceeded to tell me he was having a problem with his right ear for about a week, feels like there is water in it when he touches the inside.聽 I know Alyssa was very excited, she called her niece hen she went out to the car.聽 I will be calling you for a group at my home very soon聽 鈥 my daughter is now anxious!聽聽 I guess we were all a little leery our first time.聽 When you are with someone who is good, you have faith 鈥 & that I do. Thank you again . Alice


Mary Alice O’Neill ~Submitted on 11/15/13

Silvia..WOW, THE REAL DEAL, AMAZING I have been to a few reading with you Silvia and I am ALWAYS amazed what comes from the spirit side. This last reading, I had been holding some thoughts and fears in my heart, not daring to share them with anyone. How was it possible that you knew about them, and we were having a conversation about them. HOW? One word AWE-INSPIRING!

Carol McKellar 7/18/13

Hi Silvia!I just want to let you know how accurate your psychic abilities are.聽 You said that one of my daughters will soon be pregnant and Voila!聽 Our second daughter is now pregnant with #2.聽 Also, you said my mother mentioned to watch my feet and I said that there’s nothing wrong with them.聽 Sure enough, a week later there was a ganglion cyst.聽 Weird!聽 I also asked which medical school a distant relative from the past went to and you said it was by a river.聽 Yes, I just found out it was the University of Louisville which is near a river. Just had to let you know!

Pete V. Farr 7/19/13

Just finished my reading with the talented and very gifted Silvia Rossi. I am someone who is very open to the spiritual world and have had my own personal experiences so I was a believer before but now even more than ever. I am completely blown away by this and would recommend Silvia to anyone who is open and wants to connect with the other side.


Sharon Grennan Posted 5/18-2013

Hi Silvia,

I had to write to let you know how much peace you have given me since our session. My father has been gone for nearly two years now and having you connect with him and relay his words of love (and advice), has comforted me beyond words. He was a teacher by trade in the physical world and now through you, is still “teaching” me from the other side. It has made me feel like he is still very much a part of my life.

In addition to my father you connected with a dear friend who passed away much too young. I am still in awe that his vibrant, happy personality hasn’t changed on the other side. I shared his words of love and messages to his family. My friend was beyond comforted by his words. I was so glad to be of assistance in this small capacity, however, it was your gift that brought this comfort and joy that he is still around, guiding them and is more than o.k. on the other side.

I look forward to my next session to “speak” with my father and again thank you. God Bless.


Kristen Galuppo Iannone Posted 5/11/2013

Had my reading this afternoon with Silvia Rossi. Best experience of my life. Heard from my cousin, Dad, Great Grandmother and my Beloved CodyJames. Silvia was kind, caring and I felt like she was part of my family. I could not give her higher recommendations. Thank you Silvia Rossi you helped all of us more than you know!

Allison Feehan Posted 5/10/2013

I had lunch with a girlfriend and was expressing that I needed direction in life and some closure with some relatives that have passed on. My girlfriend highly suggested Silvia who had been reading her and her family for years. My family and I met with Silvia and not only were we able to get the closure and confirmations from our loved ones who had passed we also received the guidance and direction we were seeking. Every time we meet with Silvia she provides information or events that will take place and they always do. In addition, we connect with loved ones who have messages for us in the way of love, guidance, or reassurance. We highly suggest Silvia for a reading to connect with a loved one, a card reading for direction, or both. She has an amazing gift. You won’t be disappointed. Flowers1

Joanne Marino

Dear Silvia: Thank you so much for the February 5th reading. I also received the CD yesterday. It was just an amazing session. It is hard to believe that the Spirit World asks for forgiveness. I am so grateful that you came in contact with my husband who passed on November 8, 2012. In my eyes, there is nothing to forgive regarding my husband. He was so thoughtful, and I know he appreciated everything I did for him, and I did do everything for him. He was very sick toward the end. He thanked me the night before he passed and apologized that I had to go through this again for the 2nd time. He knew it was his time. He was my life. And yes, we did have a very strong bond. We were always there for one another. I had my talk with him, by myself, and told him that I did forgive him and how I knew how much he loved me and appreciated me for everything I did, and that there was nothing to forgive. He was the best husband anyone could have. We were a couple and did everything together. Again Sylvia, thank you so much for letting me know what my husband needs. I hope the next time we have the reading that he is more at peace with himself. I just don鈥檛 want him to suffer or be unhappy. I truly believe that he will be my side and I want him to be always with me guiding me and giving me strength and just letting me know he is there for me as well as my other relatives who have passed. I miss him so much and will always be in love with him. He needs to move on and be happy on the Other Side.

Lynette Guerino聽

Submitted聽 2011/07/25

I attended the event at Yoga West on Saturday 7/23. Thank you Silvia for helping me connect with my husband. He passed six months ago, and it鈥檚 been such a horrible six months. Being able to connect with him has brought me more peace of mind and comfort that you can imagine. I look forward to future events. You are truly gifted. Thank you for using your gift to help others like me. LadyBugFlower2banner

Darlene Luby

I just want to thank you for giving me such a memorable reading. I listened to the CD 2 more times already and some of the names you said I’ve now realized who they were….wish I could have done that Monday nite. Both of my sons listened and my son, Sean, said he cried when you talked about my parents. He said you nailed them to a tee. Thank you again.

Lisa McGowan Klump

Thank you so much for your reading! You touched on exactly what is going on in my life and you have given me comfort to let me know my Dad is here with me through all my struggles. It has given me inner peace. Thank you again and God Bless.

Darryl Gay

Silvia, I wanted to take the time and tell you that I’m still speechless (I’m never speechless) over yesterdays reading.聽 I listened to the recording over and over, and more and more of what you said made sense and hit home.聽 (I’m sure that you hear this all the time).聽 When I sit at home and watch John Edward, I always think that the people are dumb as they don’t get the obvious connection that he’s coming across with, then I can’t even see the connection you made for me with my wife!!聽 lol!聽 I’ll never call them dumb again! It is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone else to have known about my ‘real life dream’ that I had, and that you described with incredible detail,聽about my friend聽Christine.聽 You touched on聽the joy that I felt during this dream, and to this day remains a joy that I haven’t been able to duplicate ‘in this life’ since.聽 The disappointment of waking up knowing that it ‘was only a dream’…was聽as much of an emotional low as the joy was a high.聽聽But even then I聽knew then that this experience wasn’t a regular dream, I’ve been around a bit and don’t consider myself naive. YOU were able to confirm聽what I felt, that she actually came to me.聽 How do I make that happen again????? Your聽latest fan, Darryl Gay

Madelyn Graffia

Thank you again for the reading today, Silvia. You never cease to amaze me. Everything you have ever told me (regardless of whether or not I believed it) has come true. Your accuracy is almost scary!!! You hit the nail on the head every time. It was also exciting to watch you respond to calls with such speed and accuracy. I wish I could be so gifted.

Madeline M. Kelly

I just wanted to thank you again.聽 I had a reading done on Tues. 10/30/07.聽 It was wonderful.聽 You are wonderful.聽 I have been delivering my messages.聽 I’m not done yet.聽 I played the tape over the phone for my mother.聽 They were mostly for her, even the ones that were for me from my dad, they were meant to be heard by her as well.聽 She got her messages loud and clear.聽 She is聽one terrific lady, and I hope to be able to bring her to you for her own reading.聽 Thank you again Silvia.聽 You have a wonderful gift.聽 Thank you for sharing it with those of us who need it. Sincerely, Madeline M. Kelly

Ann Haaland

So glad to see you on Facebook, Silvia, and still doing what you do! While there have been other mediums and psychics whom I’ve come across over time, no one has been more sincere and “spot on” with readings and guidance than you. In the eight or more years since we last sat down together, you’re words to me have rung true, helping make my life more full, easier to navigate and understand. We are all blessed by your amazing gift. Looking forward to tuning into the radio show! Congrats!


Nikki Juliano-Smith

    • The first time I had my reading with Silvia, the words she spoke to me altered my life. I always wanted to go to a psychic, but I was skeptical because I know there are some out there that make a bad name for the profession. I was fortunate enough to have been referred to her and making that first appointment was the best decision I ever made. I was amazed that before me was this woman who knew nothing about me previously but being in my presence knew everything about my life without me even speaking a word. Her authentic and accurate reading brought about the most amazing change in my life. It鈥檚 truly a phenomenon that her gift has brought me to where I need to be in life. What she has told me has come true as a result of my first reading with her and getting the negativity out of my life and becoming a more positive person. After my second reading, I feel even more confident about everything. What I love about Silvia is she is more to me than a psychic reader. She may not always say the things that you want to hear but she in genuine and speaks the truth. Her readings have made me a better person, given me better insight and given me the confidence to see an amazing future ahead. If you鈥檙e just thinking about making an appointment with her, go ahead and do it. I promise you won鈥檛 regret it. There are some things we just need to hear, whether great or not, that can push us along to the future we鈥檙e waiting for. Thank you so much Silvia for following this trade and being a true professional. You are a miraculous psychic/medium and I couldn鈥檛 be happier or feel more blessed to have crossed your path! Xoxoxo Nikki

    • Bird10Testimonial

Danielle Purificato

Silvia, you have guided me in so many ways and gave me insight that was confirming as well as new and made me feel so much better about life. I have been able to find peace with the death of my sister, knowing that she is right there with me.. thanks for that confirmation as well ;).. keep up the good work, you are the best!!!!!


Dania Bodensieck Silvia, I was at yoga west today. thank you. I’ve waited 17 long years to hear from mom. She was Louise, the one who lost her eyesight. I will admit I go to these things a bit skeptical and then feel sad and frustrated when I don’t hear from her. When you talked to me about an “ornament or something” of hers that I put on my Christmas tree, I want you to know that one of the things I cherish the most of hers is the Angel she always put on her tree. That angel always sits on my tree as well as an ornament with her picture in it. Thank you….



Silvia, The words thank you are simply not enough. I can鈥檛 tell you how much joy & peace I now have after connecting with my brother David. Your gift is amazing and the way you freely share it with others makes you an incredible display of what the human spirit is capable of I am so grateful that you shared it with me! Thank you, Melanie

Karen Dombrauskas

Silvia…I really enjoy our session yesterday.聽 Hearing from my sister has given me some peace, also hearing from my husband was great and I was happy to hear that he isn’t missing anything thats going on, he never did. It gets very lonely at times but I listen to the CD you gave me and I start to remember the good times and how much we loved each other.Thank you again, you are the best. ~Karen LadybugFlower6

Diane Hunt Wood

聽I want to THANK YOU SILVIA for being correct once again. As far as I know you have never missed. You saw me getting out of my house in 3 to 4 weeks without my husband knowing. Yes the younger real estate man found my appt. and YES I was able to bring three of my pets with me! You saw, 2 males and 1 female. They are with me and much happier! I will be sending you an email for I need to talk once more with you. 鈾 鈾 鈾 鈾 A love heart from us all.

Silvia i just wanted to say thank you again. my reading was more than i ever expected. you are so gifted and bring so much happiness to everyone you read. my mom smiled the whole way home and is still smiling today. so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for giving me the answers i have been looking for. xoxo

Carol Secor Bryan

Thank u so much….he had a wonderful session and you gave us the closure that we needed. You told me that mom wants me to look in the “black box”….I had no idea what black box meant. Well today while cleaning a spare room I came across a black drawer box that used to be in my moms desk. I found a note to us (in case she passes) and a 25,000 life insurance policy that we were not aware of! The note ended by saying how much she loves us and that someday we will all be together….thank you again Silvia, we will see you soon!

Stacy Buzen

Thank you so much for our reading today you changed this skeptic’s thinking! What a wonderful experience!