Spirit Caught on Video!

Once in a while I will come across something interesting on the internet about the afterlife and the video found in the link below is no exception. It shows the lifeless body of an accident victim, a woman from Thailand. As the video continues to play one sees there’s a human form that lifts up from the body and stands next to it for a few seconds then fades away. I’ve watched it several times and it’s pretty mind- boggling! See it for yourself!

Click the link below:

Chilling Footage Appears To Show Woman’s Soul Leaving Body

Univisión entrevista a Silvia Rossi, la Médium de Nueva York 🎥 Univision interviews Silvia Rossi, The Médium of New York

Univisión entrevistó a Silvia Rossi, la Médium de New York para un programa basado en el caso del Zodíaco de New York, Heriberto Seda y La médium, Jackie Barrett que escribió el libro The Haunting of the Gemini (Exorcismo del Géminis) Manténganse al tanto para el anuncio del los detalles del programa!


The Spanish cable network Univision interviews psychic medium Silvia Rossi for her insights into psychic medium Jackie Barrett’s book, The Haunting of the Gemini, based on New York City’s infamous Zodiac Killer, Heriberto Seda. Stay tuned for an announcement of it’s airing!


Psychic Medium Silvia Rossi helps out earthbound spirits on the Brooklyn Bridge.🎥🎞🎥🎞🎥🎞🎥🎞🎥🎞🎥🎞🎥🎞🎥🎞

La Médium de Nueva York Silvia Rossi ayuda a los espíritus deambulados del Puente de Brooklyn.

Psychic Medium Silvia Rossi helps out earthbound spirits on the Brooklyn Bridge.


La Médium de Nueva York Silvia Rossi ayuda a los espíritus deambulados del Puente de Brooklyn.

Client receives a message from her husband that leaves her speechless!

My last appointment today was truly touching. A woman had arrived and even before the session started I asked if there was a man who she was here for, she responded yes and then I heard it was her husband. During the session He mentioned his name, Alex and spoke of his deep love for her.That he had died suddenly and way too soon. At some point he said to her the they were best friends forever. Then she nervously began to take her wedding ring off to reveal the inscription…yep, you guessed it, “Best Friends Forever”….💟💍

UPDATE: Mother’s Treasure Chest Contents REVEALED!

*Here’s an UPDATE update on the locked Treasure Chest*On an earlier post I wrote about doing a group reading for Diane Miseo and friends. In the session, her mother came through talking about a chest/trunk that Diane had. Indeed the chest was in the basement but Diane had yet to unlock it to reveal it’s contents. Well here it is! Apparently, Diane felt that her mom was acknowledging her daughter’s and niece’s upcoming weddings…and maybe the sex of her her first gandchild!!! Thanks for posting Diane! 


Brothers Till The End & Beyond ❤️

I ended my work week with a bang. My last clients were a Portuguese husband & wife who were anxious about contacting family members. The first spirit to come through was the husband’s brother who died back in the 1970s. He described his sudden & violent death and told his brother not to worry that his passing was lightning quick. He then went on to describe in detail how peaceful his “death” was; that he was greeted by Antonio their grandfather & that he didn’t want his brother to continue to relive his death.. My client was in tears when I looked up & said to me, “My brother was murdered, thank you so much”.