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So many people come to me for advice, but often they are unwilling to let go of “what could have been” to embrace their present-day blessings. Happiness becomes an elusive balloon that one tries to catch as it floats away. But happiness is a state of balance between ones’ expectations and the reality of their life. When the latter does not meet the former, discontent and unhappiness ensue. There is a delicate balance one must manage to feel content and satisfied with themselves and life in general. Being willing to let go of what didn’t work out in life is essential in building that bridge to a happy ever after.

A Newbie gets a reading and a validation through a sign.



My first client today was a newbie and her mother who was on spirit side came through to tell her that she communicates through butterflies and birds. Well she ’bout fell out and told me she took the picture above when she left her home to see me. She said, “I knew my mother sent me the butterfly, ’cause I was coming to see you! So I took a picture of it!” My butterfly antenna must have been up and receiving info since this morning, evident in my earlier post today.