Telephone Session/ Sesion Por Telefono


Silvia is available for telephone sessions. Silvia has conducted them since the start of her practice and assures they are as accurate as having one in person. It offers one the convenience of having a reading in the comfort of home without having to travel. Ideal for those who are not within driving distance or are homebound.

There is a $25 deposit required once your telephone appointment is booked with the balance due a week prior.

🔴Deposit non-refundable if client fails to notify the office of cancellation within 48 hours for their appointment

The cost of a session is $190.00/hr

For your convenience Cash, Money Order/Cashiers Check, Credit/Debit Card and Paypal are all accepted.

To book a telephone session please fill out the form below or call 


*** ☎️ *** ☎️ *** ☎️ *** ☎️ *** ☎️ ***

Silvia ha consultado clientes por telefono desde del empezar de su carrera como medium y asegura que es tan efectivo que las citas en persona. Este tipo de session resulta perfecto para esas personas que no pueden viajar para consultarse personalmente con Silvia.

Un deposito de $25 dólares americanos se requiere para concretar la cita con el equilibrio debido la semana anterior.

🔴El deposito no es reembolsable si el cliente no pueda asistir y no llamar la oficina para avisar dentro de las 48 horas de la cita.

Costo: $190/hra

Para su comodidad, se aceptan Dinero en Efectivo, Tarjetas de Credito/Debito y PayPal

Para solicitar una cita por favor completar el formulario abajo o llame al


An audio CD is available of each session, please be sure to ask for this in advance. The cost of the audio CD is $5.

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