Announcement! Audience members needed for a taping of Telemundo’s popular Latin American show, Al Rojo Vivo promoting the upcoming movie Ouija: Origin of Evil. Psychic Medium Silvia Rossi will be interviewed on the history, use and potential consequences of the Ouija board and audience members will be chosen at random for live on camera readings by Ms Rossi! 

LOCATION: NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY

DATE: Tuesday October 4th 2016 at 11am

Show will be in Spanish

A Prayer For Healing & Hope🙏🏼

Yesterday was unexpectedly an emotional day for me. As a psychic medium, I get a glimpse of people’s lives and sometimes this proves to be disturbing. A new client had a reading and in session, I saw that she had lost a pregnancy (a daughter) at the hands of an abusive ex-husband. It was all I could do to contain myself. I broke down crying, then my heart filled with anger. Then I saw the daughter in spirit, beautiful and resplendent feeling not a shred of anger towards her father. My heart still ached for her mother who sat in front of me sobbing. I had to find her a prayer to recite so she could start to heal from this horrible abuse and loss. I found the prayer above and gave a copy of it to her. I sincerely hope that it brings some comfort to her.

What 5 Planets in Retrograde will do to you!

Been feeling out of sorts, challenged by people or situations & crazed lately? No, you’re not going losing your mind! 5 retrograde planets are the culprits and this really amazing article explains it all.Click on the link: 



Anoche lei a mi clienta, Diane y su mama le mensiono del mas alla de un cofre que ella tenia guardado. Diane grito ” No lo puedo creer que me lo haz mensionado! Tengo su cajon que tuvo al piez de su cama abajo guardado en mi sotano!” Aparentemente, nadie ha podido abrir el cajon desde que su madre fallecio. La madre le dijo que buscara un cerrajero para abrirla! Esta es la foto que tome cuando Diane me llevo al sotano para mostrarme el cofre y me prometio revelarme lo que contiene cuando lo habra! Mantenganse al tanto….