Private Readings / Sesiones Individuales ~ English and Spanish

Counselling and Support

A private one on one appointment with Psychic Medium Silvia Rossi is an hour long session encompassing spirit communication with loved ones, friends, guides and guardian angels. In addition to Spirit Communication, Ms Rossi also offers card readings which offer insight into life situations and the future. Clients may integrate both types of readings within the hour session at no extra charge. Like the individual fingerprint, no one reading is alike.

The cost for a private session is $190/hr

An audio CD is available of each session, please be sure to ask for this in advance. The cost of the audio CD is $5. Please request when scheduling your appointment.

For your convenience Cash, Money Order/Cashiers Check, Credit/Debit Card and PayPal are all accepted.

To request your appointment, please fill out the following form below or call


🌺 🌷 🌺 🌷 🌺 🌷  🌺 🌷 🌺 🌷 🌺 🌷 🌺

Se ofrecen citas privadas en que la Psiquica y Medium Silvia Rossi se comunica con seres queridos, guias y angeles guardianes. Ademas de sesiones espirituales, Silvia ofrece lecturas del Tarot. Clientes pueden incluir dentro la hora las dos clase de lecturas sin costo adicional. Como la huella digital individual ninguna sesion es igual.

Para su comodidad se aceptan Dinero en Efectivo, Money Order, Tarjetas de Debito /Credito y PayPal.

El costo de la session individual es $190/hora

Para solicitar su cita por favor llene el suguiente formulatrio o llame al




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