Archive | March 2012


An Angel To Watch Over Me

In the morning to start my day
In the day to guide my steps
At dusk to help me make way back home
At night to watch over as I sleep
In my dreams to help me reach for and beyond the stars
and the next morning help catch and bring them down

~Silvia Rossi~

Art by Mirella Santana


I am so grateful to have several people in the last 2 months reach out to me and ask me to teach/coach them in developing and furthering their own spiritual gifts. So far, it has been an honor and privilege…and wow, Skype has now become my best friend in my branching out this way. Universe, keep it coming, “cause I’m LOVING every minute of it!!


The Road

Everyone travels on their own one
Sometimes broad and expansive, sometimes not
It may bend sharply at times, wind around quickly
Then opening up into vast landscapes
At times you may not like the road
There are rough ones, nicely paved ones, wide and narrow ones
It can take you up a steep hill or downhill without warning
And just as quickly, it may end without warning
So enjoy the trip and be grateful for the ride of your life

~Silvia Rossi