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A Call From Mom ❤️🌷

What better way to start my Monday morning than to receive this pic from client Terry Ann Rapuano who saw she had gotten a FaceTime call (even though she never heard the phone ring) while waiting at a tattoo parlor. When she looked at who had called she was shocked to see that it had been her mom…..who passed away earlier this year! I knew Catherine well; she was also a client. In fact, I loved Catherine. She was so down to earth & genuine. One time, she showed up for her appointment with a blanket she had knit for me…I was speechless. That someone had taken the time to make me a something with their own hands was beyond me. I started to tear up when she handed it to me. I’m not surprised that Terry got a “call” from her mom. That was the kind of woman she was…she was special ❤️



Recently I have found the need to share this prayer with a number of clients who’s relatives were stuck. One was a case in which a sister & niece were murdered, another was an uncle who had been misdiagnosed for years & ended up dying from cancer within months and was angry. Some spirit relatives end up in purgatory. Like it says below it is a place where a soul works toward purification. Purgatory comes from the word to “purge”. So here is where souls purge all that is negative and holding them back from experiencing paradise. Other religions believe the same. Judaism, have the same concept; Tibetan Buddhists call it bardo, Hinduism refers to it as moksha. If you feel your loved one is in need of this prayer, feel free to say it. It can’t hurt & can only help a spirit who may be in need of your love and positive energy to help themselves move on to a better place 💜


It’s that time again when I do the fundraiser for the Point Pleasant Chamber of Commerce for local businesses who are STILL RECOVERING from SANDY. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! This event has SOLD OUT every year for the previous two!!! Hope to see you THERE!! 😉